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What Does Your Office Space Say About Your business?

Your company’s office space is much more than just the building work is done in; it’s the physical representation of your business. As such, it’s important that the interior design of your office space reflects the company’s values in order to keep staff happy and productive, and to create a lasting impression on visiting clients.

We’ve listed some of the ways an office space can really make an impact on the impression your business gives to visitors and staff.

Desk placement

What Does Your Office Space Say About Your businessOffice layout directly affects the productivity and atmosphere of the workplace. Not only this, but well planned out desk placements can look more aesthetically pleasing and keep both staff and visitors to the office engaged. An open plan desk arrangement is considered a far more productive and welcoming design than cubicles with desks, allowing employees to communicate more freely with each other regarding projects they are working on. A small partition can be installed to allow privacy when meetings or phone calls are taking place.

Desks should ideally also be uncluttered and kept tidy to keep the area an inviting and neutral place for when clients visit. For meetings, you should avoid desks acting as a visible barrier; a circular meeting table or even just sofas provide a far more welcoming environment, and are likely to allow your client to relax more.


It’s important that your office decor and furniture reflects your ethos as a company, and creates the correct atmosphere suited to your business. Outdated furniture and faded paint can make a surprisingly negative impression on visitors to your office, and can significantly affect the productivity of staff who have to work in a dull environment.

Creating an office space to reflect the company itself can be a huge change. For example, a high end company selling premium products should have an office decor that reflects the luxury and opulence of the business’s principles, and likewise, an innovative design or digital agency could install bright, colours and interesting furnitures to create a fun and unique atmosphere.


Though an underrated factor, the temperature is a key component to ensuring your office complements your business. Having a functioning air conditioning system will ensure that you can control the office temperature regardless of the season, meaning staff can keep warmer in winter and stay cool in summer. Having a well regulated temperature will not only allow guests and visitors to feel more comfortable in your office environment, but will also allow staff to be more productive by not thinking about how warm or cold they are.


The reception area is the first place any visitor or client will see of your office, so this is arguably the most important area to make a good impression. Investing in quality furniture and decor such as potted plants and comfortable chairs/sofas will give the reception a welcoming atmosphere, and can instantly relax clients on a visit.

With open-plan office spaces becoming the most commonly used office layout, however, for many companies there is no formal reception area. To counter this, make sure that there is someone to greet clients/ visitors when they enter the building, and a procedure in place so no one is left waiting when they visit.

 We know the importance of an interior design that reflects your company’s identity here at CPS Interiors, which is why our dedicated team work with you to create your ideal office interior.

We assist you in the entire process, from planning and site surveys to the final installation, to ensure that the finished office space is exactly what you want. Contact us today for more information, or to discuss your office design, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.


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