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What is Workplace Consultancy?

CPS Interiors are focused on giving our clients the best possible service and workspace we can. For this reason, we provide the experience of workplace consultancy to ensure the outcome of our designs and subsequent work is as effective and closely aligned to your needs as possible. Workplace consultancy services aren’t always fully understood, and therefore we thought we would clear up any uncertainties within this article, describing what exactly workplace consultancy is and the benefits you can expect from this process.

Workplace consultancy

Workplace consultancy is a process of assessing your business’ workspace to identify how it can be improved and optimised. It is an in depth look at how employees utilise the space across your building(s) and identifying what works well and what needs to be changed or updated. By making sure our designs are built around the needs of your workforce, it enables a truly bespoke and highly effective outcome.

The process

The first step of our process is opening a dialogue and spending time with you, the client, allowing you a strong input and allowing us to understand the client’s needs, goals, budget and culture as well as carry out an effective evaluation of the space. The evaluation process can include observations of your business and employees working and detailed discussions or surveys of working practices. This will enable us to design a layout which can enhance the space available to ensure it meets its fullest potential and facilitates the way in which your employees work best.

Once we have taken the time to understand your individual business requirements, we use this information to inform our ideas and designs for your workplace. Our designers will use 3D visuals, drawings and sample boards with the aim of helping you visualise how your new office space could look. It is important to us that you are happy and involved throughout the process. The designers will also ensure that the space complies with all necessary regulations, for example those related to building standards and health and safety. Our skilled team of renovators will then bring the designs to life to give you a sublime new workspace.

Benefits of Workplace Consultancy

There are numerous advantages of using workplace consultancy to inform the renovation of your office space. Some of the resulting benefits are as follows:

  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Improved company branding and identity
  • Increased employee satisfaction and, as a result, increased staff retention, morale and engagement
  • Positive impression for (potential) business partners, clients and prospective staff
  • Improved collaboration and internal communication
  • Improved general efficiency and operations

If you are looking to revamp and optimise your workspace, CPS Interiors can help. Our workplace consultancy services, carried out by experienced professionals, will enable you to truly make the most of your office space. We offer a variety of services, from full office fittings and designing to installing new flooring, partitions or suspended ceilings. So, if you are looking to revitalise your office space in the East Midlands area, get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members today for further information and enquiries.


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