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5 Warning Signs That Your Office Needs Refurbishment

Some businesses don’t need an excuse to refurbish their office. In fact, for some, staying up to date is integral to their everyday operations. Others, however, may need a little nudge in the right direction to get up to speed. Regardless of which camp your business falls into, it’s always worth being aware of some of the key warning signs that your office could do with a lift.

So, this month, the CPS Interiors team will be highlighting some of these telltale signs, ensuring you’re aware if and when they crop up in your office.


1) Your office doesn’t look on brand 

CPS Interiors’ project with MOSCA

If your office is worn and outdated, it’s not going to communicate the right message to potential customers and clients, and will only end up reflecting negatively on your brand in the long run. In more extreme scenarios, if your furniture and office colour schemes don’t match your corporate colours, it’s time to refurbish.

2) You’ve ran out of room for growth 

CPS Interiors’ Office

The ability to expand and diversify is an important feature of any business, and absolutely vital if you want to capitalise on a period of particular prosperity. So, if your current office restricts you from doing this, it’s probably a good indication that you need to create a space for some new talent.

On top of this, a greater number of staff will require more amenities. For example, it’s no good having a large, modern, well fitted office if your staff are queuing for the toilet or have nowhere to recharge at lunch. Make sure you factor these issues in when considering a refurb.


3 ) You have productivity issues  

CPS Interiors’ project with CSL Group

If you’re currently experiencing issues with productivity at your office, this could be a signal that your office is overdue a refurbishment. When office decor and systems become outdated, it’s much easier for staff to become complacent due to a lack of inspiration from their surrounding environment. Simply updating software or office chairs could be enough to re-energise employees, so be sure to keep an eye out for staff who look like they need some reinvigoration!



4) Your staff are unhappy 

CPS Interiors’s work on The Carlton Academy

Similarly, if your staff are noticeably upset and dejected, it’s time to have a revamp. The fit out of your office can seriously affect workplace happiness and employee morale, so making sure your workspace is optimised to boost these characteristics is vital.



5) Things are getting cluttered 

CPS’ work on the Bombardier reception

Finally, if you’ve got mountains of paperwork piling up at reception, or being able to find important documents is becoming increasingly difficult, then it’s time to add some additional storage. It can be off-putting for clients too, if they believe your business to be disorganised.

If the alarm bells are ringing and you think your office needs a refurbishment, CPS Interiors can help. Our team of expert designers specialise in office innovation, helping you craft the perfect space for your business. Whether you require a simple update or a full revamp, we have the skills and expertise to see it through from conception to completion. Operating throughout Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, we create offices that are great for your employees – and great for your business.


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