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Top Tips for Going Green in the Office

The focus on going green is bigger than ever, and rightly so – just a few lifestyle adjustments can have a dramatic impact on resources used, money spent and mostly importantly, go that little way towards saving the environment.

Here at CPS Interiors, we know the benefits a business can reap from a positive work environment. We’ve compiled a list of just a few of the ways you can go green in the office below.

Go Digital

In this era, nearly everything is digital anyway, but massive savings on paper and ink can be made by avoiding printing out meeting agendas or memos and emailing them instead. Likewise, why not save spending by emailing contracts to employees rather than printing them a copy – not only is this method more environmentally friendly, but it saves considerable time too!

Eco-friendly Supplies

For the times when using paper is unavoidable, use recycled paper or even paper made from sustainable sources such as bamboo or hemp to be more environmentally friendly. You can also reduce waste by implementing a policy of only using refillable pens, cloth hand-towels, biodegradable soaps and replacing the light bulbs with fluorescent bulbs which use 75% less energy.

Bulk Buying

Buying kitchen supplies in bulk will reduce packaging waste and save on costs, with larger items often being cheaper overall. You could also consider using refillable containers to hold supplies such as coffee, sugar tea etc for a more hygienic way to store items.

Invest in Plants

It sounds simple, but one great way of going green in the office is to buy real greenery! Plants absorb airborne pollutants and emit healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air, plus making the office a nicer and brighter environment to be in.

Carpool/ Cycle to Work

Encourage employees to carpool rather than drive separately to work, as this will reduce car emissions and save on fuel costs. Even better, organise a cycle-to-work scheme or promote employees to walk or catch public transport, all of which are far more environmentally friendly methods of commuting.

Here at CPS Interiors, we’re dedicated to helping you create the quality office space you need, providing a tailored service to suit your individual requirements. Contact our expert team today for more options on refurbishing your office with an eco-friendly design, or for more information on the services we offer.


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