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Things We Can Learn From Google’s Quirky Head Offices

Many companies want an office space to reflect their core business values; be it professionalism, creativity or a productive space to focus on work. Interior design is a great way to implement this, allowing you the opportunity to design your office to suit your staff’s needs exactly.

One company that has truly taken this idea and run with it is Google, whose offices across the world feature fun, innovative and unique aspects to allow staff to work to their fullest potential. We’ve examined a few of the key features of Google’s offices, and what they contribute to the business and it’s employees.

Multiple ‘Snug Rooms’

Google’s Head Office features a huge choice of snug meeting rooms to discuss ideas in, hold informal meetings, or work independently in a quiet setting. They range in colour and theme, from a ‘British pub’ upholstered snug, to an all-white library with a sprawling sofa – perfect places to allow staff to relax with their work in comfort. Decorating your own meeting rooms with unique themes can provide a stimulating environment for staff to get together and work creatively on projects.

Outdoors garden terraces

Google’s London office provides the option to work outdoors as well as indoors. The office features green garden terraces with wi-fi included, allowing staff a breath of fresh air while they work – with a great view of London too! No matter how big the space of your office, a small area dedicated to greenery – be it an outdoors terrace or even the addition of some potted plants – can add a breath of fresh air to any office environment.


The company encourages a green conscience, providing the opportunity for employees to have their own allotment – subject to a waiting list! Staff can grow their own fruit and veg and be proud to contribute towards a more eco-friendly environment.

Large conference room

The building also features a conference space that seats up to 200 people, perfect for big presentations to clients or seminars discussing their latest ideas and innovations in the industry.

Free canteen areas

Google’s free canteen spaces are legendary, providing staff with great food at no cost. This shows their commitment to providing their employees with the best, most creative environment to work in. Smaller businesses could emulate this idea at a lower cost by providing free coffee, tea and biscuit facilities to staff in the kitchen areas.

Sports facilities

The Californian Google complex features a golf pitch and putt course, as well as basketball courts, providing staff with the option to have some well-earned down time and enjoy some exercise at the same time. Many offices do not have the facilities for on-site sports activities, however companies can organise weekly entertainment nights, encouraging social interaction and a chance to relieve stress of the office in a healthy way.


The engineering headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland even have a slide straight to the canteen, and fire poles to allow staff even easier access between floors. The site’s design had multiple input from the engineers working there themselves, showing again Google’s value for its staff and keeping their best interests at it’s roots. A slide is out of the question for most offices, but it’s important to remember that a touch of fun is always appreciated when designing your perfect office space.

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