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Sprucing Up Your Office for the New Year

The last few weeks of December are a great time to plan an office space makeover which will raise the spirits and stimulate creativity and enthusiasm at the kickoff of the New Year. The good news is you don’t have to invest too much time and effort for the update to create a significant impact. Here are some simple avenues along which you can take action and transform your office space with style and ease.

A splash of new colour

detoxing your officeRepainting is the classic makeover strategy for any space. Unless your company is bound by the colours of its corporate identity, you are at total freedom as to what you want the changes to be. Should you find yourself under the pressure of the corporate look, an update which does not stray too far will still have an amazing impact and add individuality to your workspace.

If you want to scale down the paint job, you can limit it to prominent accents in key spots, like above the sofa in the lobby or behind the conference table. Unruly splashes of colour or tidy geometric shapes – it’s all about your vision! You can also stay off the walls and focus on the trims and skirting boards; they will give your office a completely new visual frame.

From head to toe

How often do you actively think about the floor you are walking on? Whether you realise it or not, the carpeting of your office has a huge impact on the space’s overall atmosphere. Office floors undergo a lot of wear and tear, so it is likely yours can do well with a makeover. Once the visual basis of your space gets an upgrade, it will carry all other innovations, big and small.

You can be bold and mix things up when it comes to the colour scheme while keeping in mind colour-coordination. Leave clashing shades and nauseating nuances to the expressionists!

Unfix the fixtures

Have those pictures, flower pots and dreary curtains been there longer than you have? All the more reason to mix things up!

Give your windows a new dressing and treat yourself to some fresh blinds; the windows and their decoration define the whole feel of the office space so you will be surprised at the effect this change brings.

You can also get rid of the old pictures and paintings. Have everyone contribute to a photo collage and mount it in the lobby or another spacious area of the office. The bathroom is another place you can make impactful changes. Refurbishing the cabinets, adding new accessories like scented soaps or brushes, and hanging up new lights are all inexpensive yet powerful updates which will enhance the overall office atmosphere.


This is the big one, as it still remains one of the most effective office updates. If you are looking to achieve maximum impact without breaking the bank, keep a watchful eye on holiday sales as well as auction sites. There are many quality items to be had there; you just need to be persistent and alert because the good stuff moves fast.

Here at CPS Interiors we offer superior quality commercial and office interiors which are tailored around your requirements. Our interior refurbishment services include:

  • Interior design and decorating
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Office partitions
  • Commercial flooring
  • Office furniture

We know that even the smallest change to your working environment can have a big effect on your employees and the company as a whole. This is why we have a fully qualified and experience project management team who specialise in office refurbishment for results you will love. Simply contact our expert team today for further information.


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