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Productivity Hacks for your Office Design

office productivity hacksSoon enough the summer heat will be kicking it up a gear and keeping or increasing productivity in your office is going to get just a tad more difficult. When it comes to boosting productivity it’s needless to say that virtually anything is on the table and changing up your office design is one of the best ways to do this. That’s why we’ve come up with the best of the best when it comes to productivity hacks you can implement in your office to encourage an awesome work environment this summer.

Energetic Decoration

Nothing will kill productivity off faster than a boring office, full of drab furniture and little or no colour to liven the place up. Be sure to spice up the office space with splashes of colour and more energetic furniture dotted around the place to encourage your employees to relax into their role. Studies show that if your work space looks appealing then your workers will be more likely to enjoy coming to work and the thought of cracking on with the job won’t get them down, thus making them more likely to step it up a gear.

Keep It Clean

Although a bit of mess can stimulate you and your workers when you need to get creative, on the whole it proves detrimental to productivity. Consider buying desk tidies for your desk and your employees, and also keeping on top of other areas in the office like the kitchen and other open plan or communal spaces of the office. Positioning plenty of bins around the office ensures nobody is too far away from a bin and therefore less likely to use them, keeping the office clean and tidy until the cleaners get in there.

Smells Like, Productivity

Our sense of smell is one of our strongest, and it can also trigger memories and moods even more readily than what we see sometimes. Although not everyone in your office may appreciate scents, you can keep a small freshener on your desk for yourself for starters, but as a more general hack you should just keep on top of anything that may produce smells in your office and tackle them before they become a problem. A smelly environment isn’t exactly a productive one.

The Wild Side

Placing plants up and down your office can give your office a much needed restorative feeling that will see productivity skyrocket. Faux plants are a good start, but the real thing will keep you in touch with nature and that’s something you can’t fake. Plants will also improve the air quality of your office, making it easier to focus on the tasks at hand.

A Variety of Spaces

It’s very important to avoid becoming stagnant when at work, and an excellent way to encourage diverse thinking and engagement with a task is to enable your workers to move around the office to enjoy other environments while at work. A lounge area, colourful workspaces, or even a more recreational area with pool tables or the like can provide your employees with the chance to refresh themselves so that they can refocus on the work. You should mull it over when it comes to how you’re currently using your office space and whether or not you can make it a more appealing place to be in.

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