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Office Interior Design Trends for 2019

Businesses are making the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees a priority, and new interior office designs and layouts are reflecting this. Many office environments are quickly transforming into an employee-centric ecosystem; employees are being granted the space and opportunity to de-stress and enjoy their working environment, leading to a healthier workforce and boosted productivity. Take a look at some of the following design components that will be promoting this philosophy in the year ahead.


Colour can have a subtle impact on an observer’s mentality. But when a workforce is exposed to a certain colour every day, the impact becomes much more significant. Consider the following colours and their effects.

  • BlueBlue office desk

Blue can help to promote tranquility and calm. Though it has been a staple office colour for years, blue will continue to adorn work walls and furniture in 2019.


  • Yellowyellow office with man on laptop


The popularity of yellow has grown in recent years, and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. Yellow is a great colour to implement into a employee-centric working environment due to the colour evoking warmth and happiness in observers.


  • Green

green office space

Get ready, because green is set to hit 2019 with a bang. Nature will be in full effect this year (more on that later), and aside from being the perfect accompaniment to its biophilic surroundings, green walls evoke feelings of calm, relaxation and comfort in the observer.


Plants and other natural elements can greatly influence the happiness, comfort and productivity of employees in the workplace. 2019 is set to be the year in which these findings are demonstrated, with many offices expected to introduce more greenery into their workplace.biophilia and green wall break out area

And biophilia isn’t solely about plants; walls and floors can utilise natural elements, including natural wood or stone textures, to enhance the biophilic design. Sustainable materials, such as bamboo walls and acoustic panels, will also be featured.

Additionally, install large windows into open areas to invite natural sunlight into the office. This will complement and cultivate the natural elements while also providing an extra boost of mental vitality.

Leisure and relaxation spaces

breakout area / cafeteria

Many offices are choosing to include spaces dedicated primarily to relaxing and re-energising employees. These include:

  • Quiet areas

These are areas away from the hustle and bustle of the main office workspace where employees can take some time out to compose themselves.

  • Massage or chiropractor spaces

Many workplaces this year are introducing areas designated to helping improve the physical wellbeing of employees through massage and bodywork. Employers may wish to schedule certain days where this area is used, or allow a come-and-go policy. Regardless, ensuring workers don’t suffer with any ongoing physical discomfort will reflect fantastically on your business, improve the welfare of your workers and increase productivity.

  • Coffee bars

The workplace is no stranger to coffee machines and mugs, but some businesses are looking to take it one step further by introducing coffee bars. These would be social spaces that give employees the chance to relax, boost their energy with a cup of coffee and socialise, either at break and lunch times or at times designated by the employer.

Here at CPS Interiors, we work with you to create an office design perfectly tailored to the goals of your business. We’ve been carrying out high-end office refurbishments for over four decades, helping clients to transform their workspace into a thriving environment. To enquire further about any of our services, give our friendly team a call today.


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