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Office Design Trends 2017

Gone are the days where offices are designed with little else in mind aside from ensuring the bare bone functions of the business can be achieved – nowadays, offices are designed dynamically and with intuitive creativity. From the likes of Google and Facebook to Lego and Red Bull, big businesses across the globe are looking to make their office spaces vibrant and exciting places. This month, therefore, we’ll be looking at the top office design trends for 2017 so you too can jump on the bandwagon!

Adaptable Layouts and Furniture

Adaptability is the name of the game in the business world – the ability to adapt to changes in the industry and customer base could be the difference between success and failure. Evoking an adaptable attitude in your work is obviously essential, but your office should also reflect this attitude and allow your employees to approach their work however they wish.

Your office layout should be malleable, able to incorporate new technology as it arises. Likewise, if the nature of your work changes then you’ll need to be able to alter your office layout to achieve maximum productivity in this new area.

It follows that all furniture throughout the office should also be highly flexible. Modular furniture in particular is suited to this purpose, allowing you to move furniture around at the drop of a hat. Adjustable meeting areas, such as pods and work benches, also add an extra dimension to your malleable office decor.

Bringing the Outdoors In

Green thinking and caring for the environment should be at the top of all of our agendas at the minute and going into the future. Consequently, one of the biggest office design trends going into 2017 involves bringing the outdoors into the office. That doesn’t mean bringing in all the wonders of the woodland into your business – just some plants ought to do it!

Creatively use plants in your office to create a natural ambience your employees will appreciate. In doing so you’ll be able to reap the rewards of natural air purification too, thereby boosting productivity even further.

Co-operative Working Spaces

Although it may suit the purposes of some businesses to have closed cubicles and offices, the design trend for the majority of office spaces is trending towards more open, collaborative office designs. Balancing individual spaces against these co-operative spaces can be difficult, but cost effective and convenient if done correctly – striking this balance is where a professional interior designer can help.

Dedicated Recreational Areas

There’s nothing like a spot of R & R in the middle of the working day. Research shows that the human mind cannot focus for longer than an hour at a time – ideally, you’ll be able to work for an hour straight, but then you’ll need to take a fifteen minute break before being able to do it again. These breaks could take the form of forays into the depths of the internet, but it is healthier to have a dedicated recreational area for your employees instead.

A separate cafe and relaxation area is the best way to achieve this, or a break-out area in smaller companies. Consider installing pool tables, comfortable chairs and darts boards, for instance, to provide your employees with the opportunity to unwind with one another. An onsite gym is also a great way to let your employees shake loose. However you choose to evoke a relaxed atmosphere in your office, you’re bound to see a jump in productivity before long!

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