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Motivate your workers through your office design

To improve motivation and productivity levels in the workplace, there’s currently a growing trend  in office design which incorporates traditional style with creative elements.

The interior design of an office can have a significant impact on employee performance, as it is reported that the most successful working environments use a combination of open-plan and closed spaces. Here at CPS Interiors we are dedicated to providing cutting edge office design to capture the attention of employees and motivate them during their working day. Therefore, we have put together a list of a few things to consider when using your office design to motivate your workers.

Open plan

open plan layoutArranging your office into an open plan design gives employees the freedom to interact with others easily so they don’t feel isolated or boxed in. Such a design allows you to use the space more effectively, so why not try installing open-plan workstations and breakout pods to aid business innovation and teamwork?

While collaborating with colleagues is encouraged in such an open environment, some companies may find this design rather distracting or loud for their employees to work in. Lack of privacy at workstations also makes it difficult for sensitive conversations to take place.


Letting plenty of natural light into your office will boost the health of your employees, as studies have shown that office workers who are exposed to more natural light during their working day experience:

  • better sleep quality
  • increased physical activity
  • improved concentration

Utilising the windows in your office to let in plenty of natural light will boost energy levels and increase alertness amongst your staff, allowing them to feel refreshed and motivated.

When inviting the light into your office, make sure you position the computer monitors out of the direct light to prevent screen glare and eye strain, and remember to fit working blinds to stop any unwanted sunlight.


Your choice of lighting for the office can majorly influence your staff’s motivation levels and outlook on their working day. Office operations  can benefit significantly from the perfect choice of lighting, so you must take into consideration the following points when making your decision:

  • minimum glare on screens
  • control of brightness and contrast at workstations
  • energy efficient (reduction in energy bills)
  • usability

The lighting mustn’t be too harsh or clinical as this can strain your eyes after long periods of time. Indirect or direct-indirect light fixtures are typically the most popular choice as they distribute light more evenly throughout the office.

Task lighting is perfect for office workstations as they illuminate the reading area and can be easily adjusted to best suit your position.

Focus on health

Regular exercise increases endorphins which, in turn, makes your employees happy and energised. With this in mind, adding a small gym can help boost motivation levels and keep your workforce healthy. Alternatively, you could invest in ergonomic furniture, such as standing desks, to improve your staff’s posture and keep them feeling comfortable during their working day.

Our accredited team of interior designers and office planners at CPS Interiors offer a complete office design solution which will transform your office interior to help engage and motivate staff and transform the look of your company. From initial stages of planning to site surveys and final installation, we are on hand every step of the project. Simply get in touch with our expert team by telephone or online today for further information.


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