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How to Keep your Office Cool this Summer

keep your office coolIt goes almost without saying that how well you and your colleagues work is entirely dependent on the environment you find yourselves in. In the summer months ahead, the main thing to contend with will be the stuffy greenhouse your office has the potential to become. Below are a few things for you to think about and some tips for your interior design to make sure the heat is kept at bay and productivity remains high.

Proper Air Conditioning

If you go in for air conditioning there are a few things you need to know about to make sure you’re not simply flushing your money down the drain. Firstly, the appropriate air conditioning unit is paramount in ensuring that your office is adequately cooled, else you’ll find the hard way that your air conditioning unit is all bark and no bite. Likewise, you’ll need to properly maintain your unit to guarantee that it remains energy efficient and at maximum output.

Keeping the windows closed also sounds a little counter-intuitive, but the warm air from outside is something you want to keep at arm’s length. You’ll be generating cool air inside, so keep it there.

Switching It Off

Though you may pay them little heed, all of the smaller electronic appliances in your office will contribute to heating it up. Weighing up what is necessary and what is superfluous can not only save you money on your energy bills but also lower the temperature of your office. The outdated fax machine, for instance, can almost certainly go. You’ll also free up some space in the office while you’re at it that it may be worth using to install water dispensers, ensuring your employees can remain hydrated and at their best in the summer sun.

Suitable Lighting

Just as a reptile kept in a vivarium will sun itself under the glare of a heating lamp, so will your colleagues in the office if your lighting goes unchecked, only they might not appreciate it quite so much. A careful look at the choice of lighting you have can change your office from a sweltering sauna to the cool working environment it always should be.

Installing Blinds, Solar Screens or Window Films

Similarly, there’ll be our local star bearing down on your office from up on high all the working day. For those people sat near south-facing windows, the gradually mounting heat throughout the day could become unbearable, single-handedly ensuring that productivity levels take a nose-dive. Installing a fresh set of blinds can not only maintain lower temperatures but also stop distracting glares from cruising across your computer screens. Other options include the addition of solar screens or window films to your windows and serve as a quick solution, keeping out a significant proportion of heat but also harmful amounts of UV rays and glare. And in the long run you’ll also save money on things like air conditioning.

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