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How to transform your office on a tight budget

A stylish, creative office can significantly improve motivation levels and employee performance in the workplace. By revamping your office interior, you can capture the attention of your employees which will, in turn, improve productivity and morale. While the idea of renovating your office may seem appealing, in reality it can be a rather costly process. With this in mind, our specialist team at CPS Interiors have compiled a list of top tips which will help to transform your office without breaking the bank.

1. Make a list of existing items and see what you can reuse

office relocationBefore investing in any new office furniture or equipment, make an inventory of the items you already have and consider how they can be reused or repurposed.

2. Only replace carpet in walkways and areas with high footfall

In certain areas of the office the carpet can quickly become tatty and worn, so rather than shelling out a large sum to replace the entire carpet, you only need to lay new carpet in walkways and areas with high footfall.

3. Set a budget and make a clear list of things you need

When planning a redesign of your office interior, it can be easy to get carried away with what you would like to change about the space. Therefore, it’s important to set a strict budget and make a clear list of things you need which you will not stray from. That way, you will only be investing in items you have already budgeted for and know are necessary.

4. Paint the walls

Most landlords will allow the walls of an office to be repainted which can completely revitalise the room. Selecting the perfect colour scheme can help tie the whole office together, accentuating the company’s brand and complementing the rest of the room seamlessly. With the benefit of being relatively low-cost, a lick of paint can transform the look of a room into a fresh, enjoyable place to work.

5. Partitions and screens

Fitting partitions and screens throughout the office can completely change the overall look and shape of the space without being a high cost or permanent option. They can also improve productivity as employees can focus on their own work without being disrupted, with the option of moving around the office when they wish.

Planning is key when revamping your office, especially when it’s on a tight budget, to ensure that no money is wasted. It’s important to consider what will work and what won’t in the available space for results you and your employees will enjoy working in.

From the initial designs through to the construction and completion of the project, our expert team here at CPS Interiors specialise in complete office fit outs. Whether we’re refurbishing your workspace or designing and constructing a completely new office fit out, we truly believe that your office should combine function with aesthetics to improve employee performance.

We are dedicated to completing all work within your time and budget constraints, with minimal disruption to the rest of the office – simply contact our friendly team  today for further information.


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