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How to Design an Office Kitchen

office kitchenFunctionality is the primary purpose of any kitchen, and an office kitchen is no different. It must accommodate the varying requirements of both staff and visitors while complementing the rest of the office space seamlessly. As leading experts in office design, our specialist team at CPS Interiors have put together a guide of things to consider when designing a new kitchen for your office.

Style versus functionality

To cater to the needs of multiple users, an office kitchen must be designed with ease of use and accessibility as its main functions. With that said, try to make the area as inviting as possible to encourage people to use the space, and include branding where you can for a uniform finish which fits with the overall character of the office.


As mentioned, functionality is the main purpose of any kitchen which is why it must be kitted out with all the necessary equipment to meet the needs of its users. Depending on your office’s size, specifications and budget, you may need:

  • Dishwasher
  • Sink
  • Toaster
  • Hob
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Fridges
  • Coffee machine/kettle


Chances are, more than one person will be using the kitchen at any one time, so careful consideration must be made during the design process to ensure the layout of the area accommodates for multiple users. Therefore, the tables, chairs and appliances should be positioned in such a way that welcomes users and makes them feel comfortable as they prepare their food.


Generally, office staff don’t cook full meals from scratch for lunch, rather they reheat their dinner from the night before or create a dish from food that has been prepared at home. Therefore, an office kitchen design must provide ample room for multiple employees to each use the counter top surfaces, sink, fridge or microwave at the same time without any fuss or delay.

Furthermore, fitting instant boiling water taps, which feature a built-in filter for both hot and cold water, will improve the efficiency of the kitchen space as it will supply water instantly, reducing the amount of time employees need to spend in the area.


Safety is of paramount importance in any room where electrical appliances or catering facilities are used, so there is a great deal to consider when choosing where to position the kitchen. For example, make sure you locate the room somewhere with an easy emergency access route nearby in the event of a cooking-related accident.

When deciding on the layout of the kitchen, careful consideration must also be made to the positioning of plugs so they are easily accessible when appliances are required, while remaining a sufficient distance away from any liquids for complete safety.


If space permits, you may want to include seating into your kitchen design so staff have a place to prepare and eat their lunch, as well as socialise with colleagues. Alternatively, you may choose to incorporate a separate breakout area into your overall office design for a comfortable, relaxing place for employees to take their break. Not only is this proven to help keep staff motivated during their working week, the space can also be utilised as a co-working area to further increase productivity.

Here at CPS Interiors, we specialise in offering superior quality commercial and office interiors tailored around the exact needs of our customers. Our services include:

  • Interior design and decorating
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Office partitions
  • Commercial flooring
  • Office furniture

We take into account your individual requirements, taste and budget to ensure you have an office space which delivers on both functionality and style. That way, you can help improve productivity and motivation levels in the workplace, while ensuring your staff feel completely comfortable during their working week. To learn more about how your property can benefit from our complete office fit-out services, don’t hesitate to contact our expert team today.


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