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How to Customise Your Desk


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As the place at which you’ll spend the most amount of your time at work, your desk needs to be personalised and welcoming: a pleasant space. In this month’s article, we’ll be giving a brief overview of how you can customise your desk to make it your own.

Bring Some Life to Your Desk

Not only do plants improve the air quality of the room they’re in, they also brighten up the place. You’ll want to opt for a plant that doesn’t require watering every single day – at the weekend you won’t be able to water it, so it needs to be able to survive until Monday. A cactus seems the obvious choice then, but other plants you could choose include:

  • Spider plants
  • Philodendron
  • Peace Lily
  • Golden Pothos

For cramped offices, you may consider having an air plant instead; these are smaller and require even less maintenance than the above plants, allowing you to benefit from the introduction of green life at your desk without the demands on space and resources a larger plant would produce.

Picture This

Bring pictures of your loved ones and cherished memories into the workplace to help you get through the week. Simple, rustic frames can give your desk a homely feel, but for a more elaborately decorated desk you should consider spicing it up a little bit with regards to picture frames.

Moreover, it’s worth having photos of different sizes to try and get a bit of variety in. This will also allow you to draw attention to some photos over others, and may even help you fit them onto your wall a little easier and in more interesting patterns.


Of course your computer has a calendar on it, but surely it’s not as fun or colourful as one you can hang in your office? If you have a favourite sports team or band, go for their annual calendar. On the other hand, you could go for a picturesque city, such as Brighton, whose calendars feature gorgeous shots of Brighton Pier and the derelict West Pier among others.

An added benefit is the fact that you’re more likely to remember appointments if you physically write them on a calendar than if you type them into your computer’s diary. You also won’t have to open the calendar on your desktop – there’ll be a constant visual reminder on your wall or desk to help keep you on top of everything.

A Mini Library

Want to show off how well-read you are? Fill parts of your desk with intriguing titles to stimulate conversation and to impress your clients. Get creative with the bookends you use to keep them in place to provide extra flare to your deskspace.

Keep Your Change

You should also consider bringing a colourful piggy bank to work to save all that loose change you end up with after eating out at lunch. At the end of the month, you might be surprised at how much you managed to save. Furthermore, if your clients and colleagues can see that you’re saving money you will give them the impression that you’re forward thinking and therefore reliable. Your piggy bank may pay off for you in more ways than one!


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