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The How-To Guide on Office Relocation

office relocationThe location of your office has the potential to make or break it as a business; if you’re current business is underperforming, your location could be the issue. With the new year fast approaching, there’s no time like the present to begin considering an office relocation to reinvigorate your business. However, choosing the location alone isn’t all you’ll have to think about when moving office. Consequently, here we’re going to address the key things to consider when relocating your office so you can make the best decisions possible.

Choosing a Location

Of course, firstly you’ll have to find the ideal location for your new office. This means searching for not only the most idyllic location in your city or town, but also one whose facilities are perfect for your requirements. Finding the right place, therefore, takes time; don’t be hasty with your decision!

Businesses need easy access to infrastructure such as roads, train stations and other facilities, so choosing a prime location in your city or town is essential. If your business is difficult to reach, your clients and your employees will become dissatisfied.

On the other hand, offices near rivers, parks or woods provide an appealing and scenic view that’ll impress your clients, but the same effect can be achieved by investing heavily in renovating an office’s interior. Ultimately, balance between an idyllic exterior environment and a modern, exciting interior is key. Always remember to ensure it is well-lit, too!

Likewise, you also need to consider whether or not you have the space to expand if your business begins to do well. The future success of your business, though, will depend on whether or not you choose the right location for the type of business you are running.

Functional Requirements

Will your new office space satisfy your business requirements? This is a fundamental question, the answer to which will determine whether or not you get beyond the viewing stage. Practical considerations you should have in mind include:

  • Is the office large enough?
  • Does it have disability access?
  • Are there adequate storage facilities?
  • How much can you customise the office space?

Another element you will have to weigh carefully is how you want your employees to work. Will they work collaboratively or individually most of the time? This could be the deciding factor between whether you have an open plan office or not, and also how you use partitioning. See our article last month for more about how to use partitioning and its benefits.

Also, if you are running a shop then you’ll need an area that customers can easily reach, preferably with an entrance at ground level, but this may not be the case if you’re running a B2B company. The roles your business play, therefore, affect heavily the building type you should opt for.

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

Moving office is a costly venture; as such, you need to ensure that you won’t discover that you’re liable for any hidden charges once you move. Factor in elements like stamp duty, IT costs, estate agent fees, site surveys and more. All of these will need to be budgeted for to avoid surprise charges that could cripple your office relocation and business.

Find a Professional Removals Service

When you’ve picked your new office location, you’ll need to find an outstanding removals company to safely transport all of your goods to your new office. Think about the cost of the service, any online reviews and testimonials they have, as well as the amount of experience they have. Discuss your move carefully with a handful of removals services to gauge which one is best suited to help you with your office relocation.

Design, Layout and Branding Considerations

Finally, you need to start thinking about how you’re going to make your new office space truly your own. How will you utilise your brand’s colour scheme to provide branding consistency throughout all aspects of your business? Will you use suspended ceilings, partitioning or have a new carpet laid? Will you acquire all new furniture to go with your new office?

To determine the perfect response to all of these considerations and more, you’ll need a specialist interior designer you can rely on. You’ll need the services of CPS Interiors.

CPS Interiors specialise in providing superior office refurbishments and interior design services throughout the Midlands. For ideas on how to optimise your office space to create the best professional working environment, contact our friendly team today.


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