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Great ways to incorporate company branding into your interior design

In the corporate world, creating the perfect company branding contributes significantly towards the success of the business. Once this has been established, the next step is to incorporate this branding into the interior of your workplace for a professional appearance. That way, the logo, colours and font will be associated to your business and will establish brand identity for staff and visiting clients alike. Our experts at CPS Interiors have put together a few simple ideas which will incorporate company branding into the interior design of your office.

1. Add logos

As well as utilising office screens, partitions and windows for functional purposes, they can also be designed and incorporated with your company logo as a way of conveying brand identity throughout your office. Furthermore, you can add subtle finishing touches throughout the workplace with branded items such as mats in entranceways, mugs and even stationery.

2. Branding colours

Incorporate your company’s branding into your office design by using accent colours from the logo for key items such as tables, chairs or a features wall. Try not to go too overboard as it can be rather overwhelming for employees to work in.

3. Artwork

bombardier entrance artwork

Installing a large piece of artwork or a mural with your company logo will transform your entranceway and reassure visitors that they are in the correct place.

4. Company ideology

The branding of your company isn’t just about your logo; it’s everything your business stands for. So, it’s important to create a space which reflects your company’s character and ethos, creating a positive experience for staff and clients. This could include:

  • Imagery
  • General atmosphere. For example, fun and quirky for a media agency, or strong and sensible for a law firm
  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Eco-friendly choices

5. Display your work

office design artwork

Exhibiting your previous work, including products and services, shows staff and visitors the capabilities of your business. That way, you can convey the branding of the company by using clear examples which can be viewed first-hand. So, a fashion designer could have mannequins dotted around the office presenting the clothes they create, or a magazine publisher could have large, blown-up prints of their magazine covering on the walls.

At CPS Interiors, we specialise in office refurbishment and commercial fit outs which best suit individual requirements, budget and taste. Our specialist team of designers and construction experts are highly trained and skilled in working with your space to create an inspiring and stimulating working environment for clients and employees alike. From the initial designs through to the construction and completion of your project, we are always on hand to supply you with office furniture that will complement and enhance your new workspace. Simply give our expert team a call today for further information.


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