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Different Types of Office Wall Partitions – Which Is Best for You?

When considering partitioning for your office, you may be overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices on offer. However, you needn’t be alarmed – each style of partition has its own unique properties and benefits, all of which we will list in this article. So, if you want to discover the right variety for you, then read on.


Glazed partitioning

glazed partition

One of the most popular styles, glazed partitioning makes for a sleek, modern and open office space, offering privacy and discretion without causing employees to feel cut off. Easy to install and highly customisable too, glazed partitioning is a certainly a good choice for any modern business. Since this variety of partition is available with glass manifestations, you can easily apply your company logo or corporate colours to personalise your partitions.

Curved walls

Although they won’t work everywhere, curved walls in your reception area or focal points in your office can make for a great statement piece, and will certainly wow staff and clients alike. Elegant and modern, curved walls demonstrate professionalism but also that you are willing to stray away from the ordinary – a great message to communicate in 2018.

Folding walls

The USP of folding partitions is their versatility. For staff who are constantly collaborating in different groups, folding walls allow you to create temporary meeting rooms and private work spaces with ease.

50mm demountable

In terms of movability, demountable partitions sit somewhere between fixed partitions and folding walls. Given that they are relocatable, demountable partitions are extremely easy to install, and just as easy to move. Ultimately, this means that you can always update the look of your office to keep it fresh and modern.

Stud partitions

For an affordable, sound absorbent option, stud partitioning is the way to go. Using a frame of timber or metal to secure the floor, ceilings and walls, stud partitions are a secure option which come in a variety of finishes, and offer good fire protection too.

Acoustic and fire rated

If you prize function over form when it comes to your partitions, then opting for acoustic or fire rated partitions may be the best choice for your business. Where acoustic partitions will bring unparalleled office soundproofing, fire rated partitions are the ultimate in fire protection. Above all, these partitions allow you to meet health and safety regulations, while improving security and productivity in your office space.

Jumbo walls

For those in the industrial sectors, heavy-duty warehouse walls are required to achieve the high levels of security, fire protection and soundproofing required.


Here at CPS Interiors, we supply an extensive range of office partitions. We can supply them in a range of finishes and colours, ensuring we find something to suit your business. Operating throughout Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, we create offices that are great for your employees – and great for your business. Contact us today for more information on the products we offer, and we’ll be happy to help.


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