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Creative Ways to Maximise the Potential of Your Meeting Spaces

Meeting Space


Meeting spaces, particularly in companies where creativity is the greatest currency, are where new products and services are conceived, course-altering decisions are made and a company’s culture is fashioned. That said, many companies still put little stock in there meeting spaces, opting for bland fit outs and colour schemes that lack the ability to truly inspire the employees which use them.

At CPS Interiors, we understand that the best meeting spaces foster collaboration and creativity which is why, this month, we’ll be providing some useful redesign tips to maximise your meeting spaces.


Keep pace with technology

These days, technology has become so advanced that we can create a crystal clear audio-visual connection between individuals across the globe in seconds, so it makes sense that meeting spaces should align with this new technology, too. That is, if the room itself contains technology which can facilitate meetings with employees outside the of the allocated space, it’s potential is increased threefold.


Open office, open meeting spaces

More than anything now, employees and customers alike appreciate transparency. From revealing operational processes to something as simple as glass meeting rooms, transparency can help knock down barriers between companies and customers – and employees themselves.

What’s more, if glass is used to enclose meeting spaces instead of an opaque material, the room has an additional source of light, something which can drastically lift moods and alter thinking patterns for the benefit of the company.

office partitions


Make it pop

Our behaviour often reflects the room we are in which is why, when it comes to the fit out of a meeting space, it’s important that it’s designed in such a way that it encourages creative behaviour.

There are many ways in which this can be achieved too, for example, you could play with the layout. Instead of opting for the more formal, boardroom style seating arrangement, why not spread things out? Quirkier chairs and a more open seating plan will allow employees to let loose and think outside the box.


Don’t sacrifice comfort

Although it’s important to create a meeting space that stands out, it’s equally important to make that space one that’s comfortable for the people using it. When we’re uncomfortable – hungry, thirsty, tired or in pain – we can’t think properly, which is certainly something that you want to avoid in spaces which define your business. Consequently, it’s important to make sure that seating areas are comfy and, in more relaxed environments, that the meeting space can accommodate eating and drinking.




Here at CPS Interiors, we pride ourselves on offering an expert office refurbishment service that allows you to achieve an exceptional office environment for your company. We offer a wide range of interior designs, tailoring our service to suit your requirements exactly – so whether you’re looking to inject a bit of fun into your office decor, or maintain a more formal atmosphere, we’ve got the team to help you.

Contact us today for more information, or to obtain your free quotation and site survey for your office design.


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