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How to Create an Amazing Office Reception where Customers Feel Comfortable

First impressions are vital, so when someone walks into the reception area of your office – customer, client or otherwise – you want them to feel at ease. Not only is a reception the face of an office and organisation, it’s also an extension of that organisation’s personality. So, to help you create an area that is sleek, modern and inviting, we have put together some ideas that will make your reception stand out from the crowd.

Core identity is one of the most important features of any reception. Making sure the client or visitor knows your values and how you represent yourself. The metaphorical shoes of your company, you will be judged on the appearance of your reception.

office reception


It is imperative to show your company name and logo in your reception. This can be achieved with budget vinyl wall art, built up letters in Acrylic/Metal Trays or LED lit signage.

The Reception Desk

Getting this right is paramount. All reception desks should be bespoke made to the space to ensure they are right for the job, but using standardised designs can really help to keep down the cost. Reception desks will always be an important client-facing element that can greatly change the experience for a visitor.

The Right Seating Area

If you would like your customers to feel comfortable when they enter your office, the right seating area is an excellent place to start. As many people will be coming and going throughout the day, and perhaps waiting for extended periods of time, well-cushioned sofas are a great idea. However, it’s worth considering whether single seats might be a better fit, as some customers will prefer their own space. On top of this, it’s worth adding extra electrical sockets near the seating area; customers are bound to feel at home if they are able to use their various electrical devices while they wait.

office reception


Some subtle branding could be a great addition to your reception area, injecting some personality, and demonstrating to your customers what you’re about. It could be a smattering of colour that hints at the brand or logo, or perhaps something a bit louder.

Add some natural features to your reception

It’s all well and good having a sleek, modern reception, but a natural touch by adding a bit of greenery can really help people relax. Eye-catching, sweet-smelling, or particularly exotic plants could really help soften up an otherwise sharp layout. Remember to place them correctly, though, ideally amongst the seating area where the customers can enjoy them.

Perfect the layout

Arguably one of the most fundamental things to consider when creating your reception: the layout. To ensure maximum utility and comfort, it’s very important that traffic through the reception is controlled. A large walkway should do, ideally not too close to the seating area. On top of this, the reception desk should be focal and readily accessible to all customers.

The right facilities

Although this might not be the first thing that springs to mind, clean, modern and well-lit toilet facilities can really help customers feel at ease, and will significantly alter customer perceptions if they are not up to standards.

Office-friendly adornments

Once you have the fundamentals down, some well-placed adornments can really help complete your reception. A water cooler is a given, however, there are plenty of other things to consider: some magazines, a bowl of mints, monitors displaying important messages – the list is endless.

If your reception needs some attention, then CPS Interiors can help. Our team of expert designers specialise in office innovation, helping you craft the right space for your business. Whether you require a simple update, or a full revamp, we have the skills and expertise to see it through from conception to completion. Operating throughout Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, we create offices that are great for your employees – and great for your business.



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