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Have you Considered Standing Desks for your Office?

standing desk for officeIn this day and age, we all know that a sedentary lifestyle should be avoided at all costs. We are constantly encouraged to exercise for extended periods of time a day, be that before, after, or even on the way to work, but how is this possible when many professionals spend eight hours a day in an office sat at a desk? Well, there might just be an answer: the standing desk. Companies around the world from Google to Microsoft have been investing heavily in these revolutionary work stations, but do they really improve health and productivity? In this article, we will be looking at this new trend in depth.

Is sitting at a desk all day that bad?

Many studies would suggest so. Although tenuously, obesity, depression, cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes have all been linked to sitting for extended periods of time. Although, such connections are generally made with those who do little to no exercise after work, however, the problem is certainly real. If we are to get the recommended 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, it can prove very difficult when we spend much of our waking day at our desks.

The most common problem with sitting at our desks though – a problem far less tenuous than the ones previously stated – is back pain, neck pain and fatigue. Unfortunately, these problems are unavoidable, and they can impact productivity, too. Research suggests that fatigue induced by sitting for extended periods can in fact reduce both productivity and creativity – two key attributes that most businesses want to cultivate as much as possible.

Are standing desks the way forward?

Perhaps. One study demonstrated that workers who used a standing desk periodically throughout the day found a reduction in back and neck pain by 54% – and this was in a period of only four weeks. Similarly, another study suggested that the periodic use of standing desks reduced fatigue, tension, depression and confusion in participants over a period of seven weeks. In the end, the 75% of the participants stated that they felt healthier, 62% said that they felt happier and 33% said that they felt less stressed.

So, if you’re convinced, then perhaps standing desks may be worth investing in for your business premises. However, if you do, convenience is of utmost importance. That is to say, it is best to opt for an adjustable setup; standing up all day can be just as arduous as sitting all day! Adjustable sit/stand desks are very simple to use, only requiring lifting to the requisite height by hand, as and when needed.

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