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Colour palettes in the workplace | Office Design

Regardless of an employee’s position, an office can be a stressful place to work. The office design and colour scheme chosen for the workplace can significantly affect motivation and productivity levels, so plenty of thought must be given to ensure the office is a lively place to work in, inviting visitors and employees alike.


Although there are elements of an office where colour cannot be controlled, such as your telephone and computer equipment, changing the general colour scheme of the office can be easily achieved – you just need to make sure the palette you choose creates the correct atmosphere as this can easily influence the spirit of employees.

The interior colour design has become an integral part of the modern office and corporate boardroom, as an appropriate use of colour can not only increase productivity levels and minimise fatigue, but it can also encourage creativity and participation.

Different colours can evoke creativity, energy, comfort and warmth, while the combination of some colours can work together to create a desired atmosphere. For example, the colour palette for Starbucks outlets uses deep green and maroon to create a sense of togetherness, relaxation and luxury; perfect for welcoming friends and families to enjoy a hot beverage together.


Busy, complex colour patterns can cause a great deal of stress and confusion as employees feel as though tasks are more demanding than they are. A strong, contrasting colour scheme can make it difficult for employees to concentrate as the eye has to learn to tune out all intense colours, meaning it becomes increasingly tired and strained.


While bright yellow is said to improve learning, it can be a rather intrusive and overbearing colour for employees to regularly work in. A bright, clinical white colour scheme is also eye-straining, and while this sterile palette is the ideal option for a hospital where a clean, hygienic environment is essential, it won’t evoke creativity in a marketing office.

As with all interior design, the context in which a colour scheme is used determines how effective it is. Bright, saturated colours will encourage energy and creativity in an advertising company but it will be rather overwhelming in a doctors surgery or hospital where interaction between staff and patients focuses on serious, confidential issues.


Research has indicated that employees working in an office where there is a soothing blue colour scheme might be more relaxed and motivated to contribute, while cool, light tones can make a workplace feel more spacious, therefore preventing staff from feeling closed in while working in a confined office.

So, is there such a thing as an ideal colour scheme for offices? Research has shown that productivity is relative to how each individual responds to their environment, so there are considerable variations in how each employee will react to their surroundings.

Careful use of colours in a workplace can transform a cramped, bland office into a more spacious, enjoyable place to work. Light colours have been proven to give employees a psychological lift, making them feel more motivated and proactive.

Here at CPS Interiors, we are dedicated to helping increase the productivity and enjoyment of employees by providing premium quality interior designs for offices across Leicester and the surrounding areas. Our specialist team of interior designers and office planners are on hand during every step of the project to create the perfect office layout to fit your specifications, tastes and budgets.

We use state-of-the-art AutoCAD software so you can visualise what your office interior will look and feel like once the project is finished. For further information or to book an appointment, simply get in touch with our friendly team today!



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