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Why Choose a Suspended Ceiling?

A suspended ceiling can completely transform the atmosphere in your office or business, creating a vibe that is both sophisticated and professional all at once. But what exactly is a suspended ceiling? And why exactly would your office stand to benefit from having one installed? In this month’s article, we’ll be answering just that.

What Are Suspended Ceilings?

suspended ceilingsSuspended ceilings are also known as dropped ceilings, and are easily summarised as an additional ceiling installed below the actual one. They are created by installing a grid of metal tracks, suspended by wires, throughout the proposed area which then have tiles fitted onto them. They can be used to conceal cables and to reposition lighting throughout your office.

An Economical Renovation

If you’re looking to renovate your office but have a tight budget, a suspended ceiling may be the right choice for you. You won’t have to have extensive and expensive work carried out in your premises such as demolishing and rebuilding whole sections. The ceilings are easy to install and to remove, making costs comparatively little to more intrusive work. In addition, they work well in a range of environments, such as offices, schools, factories, hospitals, gyms and so on.

A Wide Range of Materials, Colours and Lighting

No matter the kind of design you’re looking to use,  there will be a material and colour to suit you. There are a wide variety of textures and colours to choose from for the tiles in your suspended ceiling, all professional. What’s more, you can also benefit from a huge array of lighting styles and layouts – suspended ceilings offer immense choice in this regard. Ultimately, they are a highly functional design option for your office, but have great aesthetic potential too, especially where rafts are concerned. The design options to you are indeed vast, but CPS Interiors will be on hand to help.

Easy Installation

Suspended ceilings are easily installed and as a result mean that impacts to your company’s productivity can be kept to a minimum. It also means that if any repairs are needed, these can be quickly and deftly dealt with, regardless of what they may entail.

Moisture Resistant and Hygienic

The materials used to create suspended ceilings are excellent for use in swimming pools and hospitals alike. This is because the tiles used can be both moisture resistant and hygienic, a trait that can also make them useful in factories and clean rooms.

Suspended Ceilings Offer Fire Protection and Heat Insulation

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons for installing a suspended ceiling is the fact that they offer excellent insulation qualities and can protect against fires. They are a green alternative on the one hand, and a highly functional fire safety addition on the other.

Sound Dampening

Another reason you should choose a suspended ceiling for your office renovation is that they provide an element of sound proofing. If your office has problems with noise from other floors, or if your office generates a lot of noise itself, a suspended ceiling could help block those unruly sound waves. The result will be an office of unprecedented professionalism, ideal for client meetings and for a productive work environment.

Our expertise here at CPS Interiors is centred on providing superior office refurbishments and interior design services throughout the Midlands. Just one of our specialisations comes in our suspended ceiling service, which you can benefit from today. For ideas on how to optimise your office space to create the best professional working environment, contact our friendly team today.


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