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Checklist for Redesigning your Office

office-cleaningThe summer months provide the perfect opportunity to redesign your office in order to bring the very latest trends and fashions into the fold, keeping your office vibrant and stylish. In this month’s article we’ll be laying out a checklist we think you need to follow to go about successfully redesigning your office.

Painting and colour matching

When you go about choosing the colours you want your office to be, keep in mind that you’re not just painting the walls to make them a bit appealing, you’re also selling your office to visitors and building morale among your employees. The decor of your office should reflect your brand image.

Moreover, the colours you choose should also be vibrant and stimulate productivity; research strongly suggests that we associate certain colours with certain moods, with blues said to stimulate our minds, yellows our creativity, reds our body, and greens producing a calming effect.


office lightIt is impossible to work in an office environment without adequate lighting, meaning it is absolutely essential that you light your office properly. In conditions where there is poor lighting our eyes have to strain harder to see things we find easy to spot in well-lit areas. Your workers eyesight, therefore, is put at risk, and similarly your workers will be more likely to suffer headaches or migraines, making them less productive and costing you man-hours.

There are a range of lighting options out there that can stylishly illuminate your office, so be sure to discuss lighting designs with your interior designer.

AV Equipment

No modern, professional office space is complete without excellent AV equipment an integral part of its design. To effectively present material in meetings and training sessions, projectors are a must for any office, while others may even opt for large TVs through which they can connect their laptop for presentations. This shows that you’re willing to invest in technology and the future, that you’re forward-thinking, making it more likely that visitors to your company are more likely to invest in you.


Bespoke signage is a must for any ambitious company, showing that you care about image and the little details. Signs will enforce your brand, while smaller signs for everyday things like where certain departments are can reflect the company sign’s theme throughout the office, further enforcing your brand. Additionally, proper signage is needed to denote where the fire exits are, which brings us onto our next factor on our list.

Fire safety

Adequate fire safety measures in your office are a legal requirement, making this aspect of our checklist one of, if not the most important factor when redesigning your office. Fire extinguishers, alarms, fire doors and emergency lighting are all musts for ensuring the safety of all those on the premises in the event of a fire. While a fire safety expert will be required to make sure you are fully complying with fire safety regulations, your interior designer will be able to seamlessly accommodate these measures to make sure your office becomes the stylish, chic work environment you want it to be.


If you’ve ever walked into a room without any blinds or curtains on the windows, you’ll understand just how bare the room looks. Installing blinds in your office not only ensures privacy and security (by hiding the contents of your office from prying eyes in the night), it also ensures that you can control the amount of glare coming into your office and will make the room feel complete.

Make sure you did the math right

There’s absolutely nothing worse than finding out that you’ve failed to order the correct number of desks, chairs or computers for your office. It’s a rookie mistake, and although it seems like one you’d never imagine yourself making, you’d be surprised how easy it is to stumble. A professional interior design team, however, makes a living out of getting exactly this kind of thing right, allowing you to worry about the smaller things in life, like where to get the coffee from.

CPS Interiors specialise in providing superior office refurbishments and interior design services throughout the Midlands. For ideas on how to optimise your office space to create the best professional working environment, contact our friendly team today.


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