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How to Bring Nature Into the Office

Posted on 21st August 2018 by CPS Interiors

  A couple of months ago, we spoke about the benefits of biophilic design. The commercial office and natural landscape hybrid can improve mental health, increase productivity, inspire creativity and overall enhance the happiness and well-being of the workforce. As an employer, you may be wondering how you can go about implementing these natural features into your current workplace. Luckily, the team at CPS Interiors have constructed this handy guide on how to bring nature into your office. Plants What better way to integrate with nature than by adding plants into the workplace? Not only do plants offer an aesthetic contrast…

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Open-plan or Closed-plan Office Layout? The Pros & Cons

Posted on 8th June 2018 by CPS Interiors

  Like interior design more generally, the popular opinion regarding this question has changed over the years as trends have moved in and out. But where does that leave us in 2018? Although the answer to this question will still very much depend on the nature of your business, there are still some universal pros and cons of each layout which can help guide your decision. To find out what these are, read on. What is an open-plan office? An open-plan office is simply a working environment in which there are no enclosed rooms or cubicles which separate one desk from…

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5 Warning Signs That Your Office Needs Refurbishment

Posted on 14th February 2018 by CPS Interiors

Some businesses don’t need an excuse to refurbish their office. In fact, for some, staying up to date is integral to their everyday operations. Others, however, may need a little nudge in the right direction to get up to speed. Regardless of which camp your business falls into, it’s always worth being aware of some of the key warning signs that your office could do with a lift. So, this month, the CPS Interiors team will be highlighting some of these telltale signs, ensuring you’re aware if and when they crop up in your office.   1) Your office doesn’t look…

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Improving Mental Health in the Workplace with Creative Office Design

Posted on 21st December 2017 by CPS Interiors

Mental health is something that we’re still getting to grips with as a society, so it’s unsurprising that office design which accommodates for mental health problems may take a little longer to follow suit. That said, with the war for talent on the rise, millennials choosing happiness over money, and creativity and energy being at a premium in the work arena, companies are starting to take these things into account when considering their office layout. Recently, there has been a great deal of academic development relating to wellbeing in the workplace, much of which has informed and inspired some of the…

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What is Workplace Consultancy?

Posted on 29th March 2017 by CPS Interiors

CPS Interiors are focused on giving our clients the best possible service and workspace we can. For this reason, we provide the experience of workplace consultancy to ensure the outcome of our designs and subsequent work is as effective and closely aligned to your needs as possible. Workplace consultancy services aren’t always fully understood, and therefore we thought we would clear up any uncertainties within this article, describing what exactly workplace consultancy is and the benefits you can expect from this process. Workplace consultancy Workplace consultancy is a process of assessing your business’ workspace to identify how it can be improved…

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The Pros and Cons of Partitioning

Posted on 29th November 2016 by CPS Interiors

  One of the main decisions you’ll have to make when renovating your office is whether or not you will make use of partitions. Partitioning has a range of benefits but also a number of drawbacks, and so here we’ll be discussing both the pros and cons of partitioning. Pros of Partitioning Increased Creativity: Creativity often increases whenever people feel free to experiment. The prying eyes of curious colleagues can prove a detriment to creative thinking and as such partitions can improve the quality of ideas generated. More Privacy: While working in an open plan office is often a great way to…

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Productivity Hacks for your Office Design

Posted on 3rd June 2016 by CPS Interiors

Soon enough the summer heat will be kicking it up a gear and keeping or increasing productivity in your office is going to get just a tad more difficult. When it comes to boosting productivity it’s needless to say that virtually anything is on the table and changing up your office design is one of the best ways to do this. That’s why we’ve come up with the best of the best when it comes to productivity hacks you can implement in your office to encourage an awesome work environment this summer. Energetic Decoration Nothing will kill productivity off faster than…

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Top Office Design Trends For 2016

Posted on 17th February 2016 by CPS Interiors

With the arrival of a new year, also comes the arrival of new trends for office layouts, office design trends and features. Recent years have seen a change in attitudes towards the traditional workplace, opting to incorporate relaxed, open plan spaces and informal meeting spaces in a move towards a more welcoming, friendly environment and away from the typical boardroom office. Here at CPS Interiors, we take pride in keeping up to date with the latest office interior trends to share with our customers, so we’ve compiled a list of a few top trends to consider for 2016.   Nature Many…

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5 Things Every Good Office Reception Should Have

Posted on 18th January 2016 by CPS Interiors

Creating a good first impression is extremely important for any business, with many potential clients strongly influenced by their first few minutes inside the building. As the first point of contact any customer or client will have with your business, your reception area should be at a high standard, designed to reflect the same values of the company to entice visitors. We’ve listed our top 5 things every good reception area should have below: Seating There should be enough seating for your average level of visitor traffic, allowing visitors to sit comfortably while they wait for you. Seating should be in…

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What Does Your Office Space Say About Your business?

Posted on 17th December 2015 by CPS Interiors

Your company’s office space is much more than just the building work is done in; it’s the physical representation of your business. As such, it’s important that the interior design of your office space reflects the company’s values in order to keep staff happy and productive, and to create a lasting impression on visiting clients. We’ve listed some of the ways an office space can really make an impact on the impression your business gives to visitors and staff. Desk placement Office layout directly affects the productivity and atmosphere of the workplace. Not only this, but well planned out desk placements…

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