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Have you Considered Standing Desks for your Office?

Posted on 31st October 2017 by CPS Interiors

In this day and age, we all know that a sedentary lifestyle should be avoided at all costs. We are constantly encouraged to exercise for extended periods of time a day, be that before, after, or even on the way to work, but how is this possible when many professionals spend eight hours a day in an office sat at a desk? Well, there might just be an answer: the standing desk. Companies around the world from Google to Microsoft have been investing heavily in these revolutionary work stations, but do they really improve health and productivity? In this article, we…

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5 Ways in Which Co-working Spaces Can Improve Productivity

Posted on 30th September 2017 by CPS Interiors

With many businesses still switching to open-plan offices from the traditional cubicles, and also providing the opportunity to work from home, the question as to whether co-working spaces actually increase productivity is still very much alive. Although the answer may differ from office to office, we believe that, on the whole, co-working spaces do in fact improve productivity. Here are five ways in which co-working spaces in your office could do just that. Collaboration Arguably the most important of all of these benefits – collaboration. Naturally, if the partitions between people and departments come down, conversations and collaboration will be a…

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How to Attract Millennials to your Business

Posted on 27th June 2017 by CPS Interiors

Millennials are fast becoming the largest age group within the workforce. With this generational change comes different expectations of what a workplace should be and how it should be run. To ensure that your business and office culture are attractive to the millennial generation, it is important you understand them and make an effort to attract this swathe of new working talent. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits millennial employees bring and consider what and how changes to a traditional office can be made to attract this generation. Advantages The skills and experiences millennials can bring…

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