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Best Colours for Your Office Space


Best Colours for Your Office SpaceIf you’re looking to instil a fresh colour palette in your office space this autumn, the sheer amount of colours out there can seem a little daunting to most. However, here at CPS Interiors we know a thing or two about choosing colours to restore the vigour of office environments. In this month’s article, we’ll be looking at a variety of colour styles that you could opt for during your office redecorating and the moods they instil.

Primarily, the best colour for your office will depend on the type of work you have to do. Colours stimulate us in different ways, making some colours ideal for stimulating our analytical minds while others are great for encouraging productivity. We’ll start by explaining the benefits of having a blue-themed office.


The colour blue is most often associated with calming sensations, as long as it is a bright blue. Certain darker blues can instil a morose feeling so you need to steer clear of such hues, but brighter ones can work excellently. The best benefit of blue colours in your office, however, is its ability to stimulate the mind to be productive. These blues can make you more analytical, which can be a good thing if you don’t work in a creative environment. If you do, a bit of variety may be needed to balance out productivity with passion and ingenuity.


Designers and creative minds require a different kind of stimulation, one that yellows can provide a little more readily. It encourages optimism and invigorates the spirits, something blue lacks. Yellow invokes this feeling in us for good reason: it reminds us of the good times of summer. A bright, yellow office will keep that summer feeling alive and promote creativity all year round.


For physical motivation, reds are the prime option to go for. These colours encourage more action and movement. A mixed palette between such physically stimulating colours like reds and yellows and blues can create a combined effect in work output. It’s worth playing around with mixing colours to find a suitable combination for your office and the kinds of work your company undertakes.


Green is the colour of balance. It is a peaceful colour that can remove the element of stress from the workplace. If the work your business undertakes suffers when your workforce feels stressed or that their work balance is chaotic, green colours can help remedy this dissatisfaction. Money is often the greatest cause of stress, so anywhere that money is rapidly changing hands would benefit immensely from a green backdrop.

Your Company’s Brand Colours

When creating your brand identity, you’ll need to pay close attention to what impressions your chosen colours evoke. What kind of message do you want to communicate to the public? This message and the personality of your business will be deeply connected, and as such you might wish to use your brand colours to decorate your office. The consistency between brand image and your office atmosphere will show that your business is extremely professional and organised. Be sure to consider this route carefully.

Overall, the colours of your office will depend entirely on the type of work you and your employees will be undertaking. It would a wise choice to utilise different colours for different departments, all the while trying to maintain a consistent palette across the office to maintain company image.

However, no matter what you do, avoid keeping your walls white. White doesn’t help us be productive and can actually stifle employees. What’s more, varying colours throughout your office will make it look more appealing to visitors, too. Consequently, at CPS Interiors, we’re happy to work closely with our clients to find their ideal colour dynamics.

CPS Interiors specialise in providing superior office refurbishments and interior design and decorative services throughout the Midlands. For ideas on how to optimise your office space to create the best professional working environment, contact our friendly team today.


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