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Key Benefits of Biophilic Design


Biophilic design integrates nature and natural elements into the architecture and interiors of our built environment. We need nature in a fundamental way, but over the past 250 years we have designed our cities and interior spaces to not only damage the environment, but alienate us from nature. In an increasingly urbanised world, with cities that are looking more and more ominously like scenes out of Blade Runner, biophilic design has never been more important.

The term ‘biophilia’ means ‘love of life or living systems’, and even if we don’t necessarily think we as individuals appreciate nature, our environment actually has physical effects on our body, whether we are aware of it or not.

Particularly when creating or refurbishing an office, biophilic design can reduce stress, increase creativity and create a healthier, more productive habitat for modern humans. As such, CPS Interiors incorporates this innovative approach to work, and seamlessly merges creative and sustainable solutions to the problems of outdated industrial environments.

The most obvious way of bringing nature into our office spaces is through clever placement of plants , as this has been proven to make the air cleaner, reduce noise and generally create a more welcoming place to work. But CPS Interiors likes to do better than this. How can we incorporate natural, biophilic aspects into the physical office space itself?




Particularly in the winter, when sunshine is more of a myth than a daily occurence, lighting is of the utmost importance. Partitioning an office so as not to block out natural light or create a dark and dingy atmosphere can have a transformative effect. Our glazed partitioning is one example of how you can still retain privacy, whilst simultaneously creating that all-important sense of openness we associate with the outdoors.



Flooring and colour schemes

In a recent project to refurbish an office space for Novomatic (Bell-Fruit Games) in Nottingham, a modern wooden theme was used. This included flooring in a similar colour scheme to what you might find on a forest floor. This immersive space itself now actually  has the feel of the natural world, and has gone one step further than just adding a plant or two.



Looking upwards and outwards

Low ceilings and small windows can make us feel claustrophobic and as a result has a detrimental effect on our productivity at work. Incorporating innovative ceiling and window solutions is an intrinsic part of biophilic design, demonstrated here in our award-winning office space for Bombardier. Here, a curved ceiling has been used to open the space up, with lights which mimic stars in the sky. Combined with the large windows to further enhance that feeling of freedom, a bright, open space in which to meet clients and create work has been created.


We tend to think of ‘nature’ as a commodity, somewhat separate to our lives in the modern world. Really, nature was our home long before the grey concrete and brick walls we have grown used to. Design does not have to reflect or repeat mistakes of the past; biophilic design is already becoming a guiding principle of the future, so it makes sense to be getting a head start. Here at CPS, we offer a plethora of design options to help turn your ideas into a reality – simply contact us today to find out how we can transform the look and functionality of your office space.


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