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How to Attract Millennials to your Business

attract millennials to your business

Millennials are fast becoming the largest age group within the workforce. With this generational change comes different expectations of what a workplace should be and how it should be run. To ensure that your business and office culture are attractive to the millennial generation, it is important you understand them and make an effort to attract this swathe of new working talent. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits millennial employees bring and consider what and how changes to a traditional office can be made to attract this generation.


The skills and experiences millennials can bring to your business will be valuable additions to any team. Whilst not everyone will fit into these descriptions, these general attributes are prevalent in millennials and can be advantageous in an employee.

  • Tech savvy: this generation have grown up with technology and are quick to embrace new innovations.
  • Highly educated: the most widely and extensively educated generation in history.
  • Entrepreneurial: this group tend to be enterprising, energetic, willing to give untried ideas a go and take risks.
  • Flexible: having grown up in a highly changeable time with easy access to an internet of information, they cope well with change and challenges.
  • Not complacent: this group are focused on improvement and won’t settle for less. This can make staff retention trickier, but also means you won’t find these employees resting on their laurels.

Desired differences

This large, new cohort of employees with their different skills also tend to have a shift in work expectations. There are many preconceived ideas that young generations of workers want fun and outrageous workplaces, exceptional levels of flexibility and a super casual office culture. However, understandably this won’t work in all businesses and a company’s attitudes, actions and ethos are regarded as highly important to millennials.

A study from PwC into the differences between millennial employees and previous generations found interesting results. They found that all ages reported in similar levels for wanting a good work/life balance, flexibility and face-to-face contact with managers – all of which are often associated with millennials alone. However, millennials differed in that they disliked strict hierarchies and wanted greater support and appreciation – although not necessarily just through monetary rewards – than previous generations.

Millennial office culture and environment

To update your office for a new generation of workers, you should start by asking your workforce what they would like from their workplace. Not only will you then be able to pinpoint specific, accurate areas for change, it will also help engage and involve your staff. General ideas that are recognised as desirable to millennials in an office’s culture include:

  • An ethical company
  • Purpose-driven jobs
  • Less hierarchical company structures
  • Opportunities for personal growth
  • Coaching and mentoring availability
  • Access to senior staff and bosses for help and feedback
  • Recognition for good work
  • Open and transparent working

attract millennials to your business

Whilst a lot of these pointers are based around attitudes and behaviour, physical changes in your office can help facilitate an open and modern environment. A revamped office will give you the opportunity to move away from stuffy cubicles, closed off offices and other such conventional, plain workspaces.

By introducing a range of different possible work environments – for example, open plan areas, cubicles, comfy pods and meeting rooms – there will be somewhere to suit all working tastes and tasks. This can improve productivity and discourage sitting at the same desk day in day out, all whilst giving your staff freedom and flexibility. Open plan workstations can also be used to create a more informal atmosphere. What’s more, having senior staff in these areas can discourage hierarchical disconnect and improve open communication.


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