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5 Ways in Which Co-working Spaces Can Improve Productivity

co-working spaceWith many businesses still switching to open-plan offices from the traditional cubicles, and also providing the opportunity to work from home, the question as to whether co-working spaces actually increase productivity is still very much alive. Although the answer may differ from office to office, we believe that, on the whole, co-working spaces do in fact improve productivity. Here are five ways in which co-working spaces in your office could do just that.


Arguably the most important of all of these benefits – collaboration. Naturally, if the partitions between people and departments come down, conversations and collaboration will be a lot simpler and, in turn, a lot more common. From inter-departmental brainstorming to simply helping out a colleague sat opposite you, an open-plan office means that individual snags and stumbling blocks can be handled as a team.

More importantly, however, you can come to learn the different perspectives of colleagues and departments, and eventually start to see such things as part of a uniform whole.


open spaceWhen you are working at home or on your own, sometimes it can be difficult to get in a creative mood. Although, in some instances, silence can help you concentrate, a complete lack of stimulus can seriously deplete your creative juices. Conversely, working in an open-plan environment with vibrant, energetic people can boost them, helping you to come up with fresh ideas and find your ‘flow’. Active productivity trumps passive productivity.


Although too much of it could potentially have an adverse effect on productivity and work, competition amongst colleagues tends to be a good thing. If, in your co-working space, everyone is aware of each other’s contributions, you will instinctively want to keep up with the pack. Whereas, if you’re working at home or in a cubicle-like space, you are you’re only benchmark. This isn’t necessarily a problem, however, procrastination, in this situation, will be a whole lot simpler.


When it comes to productivity, what you do outside of work can be just as important as what you do whilst actually at work. That is to say, it’s important to strike the correct work/life balance. This isn’t too easy when you’re working at home because the lines become blurred; if you’re office and the living room are adjacent or – worse – one and the same, it becomes much more difficult to maintain focus and, as a result, productivity will suffer.


If you’re a marketing professional but you need to pick the brains of someone in finance, this can be extremely difficult when you’re sat at home; ringing various people to little avail will bring productivity to a grinding halt. However, if you’re in a workspace where each department is accessible, then this problem vanishes. Numerous people with a wide variety of skills are only a stone’s throw away, so you can make sure any small problem you might have can be handled with the help of your coworkers.


Here at CPS Interiors, we’re dedicated to helping you create the quality office space you need, providing a tailored service to suit your individual requirements. Contact our expert team today for more options on refurbishing your office with a modern, open-plan design, or for more information on the services we offer.


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