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5 Office Design Tips To Help Cultivate Your Creative Edge

office design tipsFor many companies, the idea of a drab and dull office space just will not do anymore. As the relationship between productivity and a positive working environment is increasingly proven to be directly linked, more employers are looking to incorporate creative, stimulating spaces into their offices.

Here at CPS Interiors, our expert team help you to do exactly that, using our knowledge to help you reflect your company’s creativity through the office interior design. We’ve listed our top 5 design tips for cultivating the creative edge of your company and employees.

Reflect the company with your design

For an office design that promotes a creative culture, use your company ethos as the basis for the decor. From using the company colours for walls, flooring or room accessories, to having the company name embossed on the wall for a striking look, an office that emulates the same values the company promotes is a great way to show your creative and unique attitude.

Get employees involved

To create a space that everyone enjoys, asking employees what features they’d love to have in the office can be a great way to gain some insight into what they value in order to work well – whether that’s more natural light, the opportunity to take more breaks throughout the day, or a space to communicate openly with colleagues about current projects.

Embrace nature!

A breath of fresh air can be all it takes for a new idea to come to life, so incorporating some plants and greenery into the office can be a great way to kick start some fresh thinking. For a really creative edge, consider suspended hanging plants or even a vine wall for a green and modern look.

Collective work spaces

Many companies are focusing on finding methods to increase employee communication, boosting productivity by encouraging colleagues to discuss ideas and projects openly among each other. One of such methods is to introduce collective work spaces into the office, whether that’s relaxed meeting rooms or chill-out spaces, to a huge desk like the one installed in ad-agency Mother London’s office, where employees are required to rotate seats every six weeks to increase communication among colleagues.

Make it fun

Most importantly, if you want to cultivate your company’s creative edge through your office design, it absolutely cannot be a boring place to work in. Look for ways to inject elements of fun into the office to encourage creative thinking from your employees, whether that’s a colourful and eccentric interior design scheme, to a separate sports and games area where employees can relax. Famous for their creative edge, Google’s offices across the world incorporate a sense of fun in their design, from quirky meeting room designs to even featuring their very own rock climbing wall within the office!

Here at CPS Interiors, we pride ourselves on offering an expert office refurbishment service that helps you achieve an exciting office environment for your company. We offer a range of interior designs, tailoring our service to suit your requirements exactly – so whether you’re looking to inject a bit of fun into the office decor, or go all out eccentric, we’ve got the team to help you.

Contact us today for more information, or to discuss obtaining your free quotation and site survey for your office design.



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