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Tel: 0800 859 5110


Accommodating every aspect of your environment.

  • Design

    From the initial enquiry we will help to steer you with our expert knowledge, advising on and designing the right space for you. Good design is the core to a good project

  • Build

    Once the proposal has been agreed and work commences, we will keep you up to date with how the project is progressing. Building the business that’s right for you

  • Create

    After creating a beautiful new work space for your business, CPS Interiors will continue to support your business with projects both big and small. Creating a long lasting professional relationship

Classroom Design

Teaching quality is vital in ensuring educational achievement, but did you know that classroom design can also play a crucial role? For instance, in 2015 the HEAD Project (Holistic Evidence and Design) found that there were a number of key environmental areas of influence that affected learning, including naturalness, individualization and stimulation. Without adequate facilities reflecting these values, educational attainment drops significantly.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that your educational facilities are nothing short of top-notch. Here at CPS Interiors, we understand exactly that, which is why we offer a range of educational environmental services for schools, academies, colleges and universities across Leicestershire, the East Midlands and the nation at large.

With over 40 years of experience in the interior design field, no one in the region is better placed to help you create a warm, nourishing educational environment than we are. Our specialist team are able to utilise partitioning, school furniture and more to bring your learning sphere to life.

In every one of our projects, we aim to create a vibrant atmosphere, one that harnesses natural lighting, flexible learning processes and stimulating decorations. What’s more, our experienced designers will use 3D visuals, drawings and sample boards to demonstrate to you exactly how your finished environment will look.

To find out more about our expert services and to discuss how we could tailor our services to meet your needs, simply contact our friendly team today.

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Specialists inOffice Design

We always aim to keep up-to-date with all the latest technological advances in office refurbishment, and this has meant that we’ve been at the cutting edge of office design for over 40 years.

As a result, we’ve been able to offer our clients some of the most modern features for their offices, all of which are designed to enhance and complement the working environment.

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