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What to Consider When Designing an Office

] Developing a new design concept for your office might seem a little daunting at first, especially if this is the first refit your office has seen in a long time. However, redeveloping your office should ultimately be an exciting process, particularly given the fact that, these days, office design goes far beyond functionality. It … Continue reading

5 Warning Signs That Your Office Needs Refurbishment

Some businesses don’t need an excuse to refurbish their office. In fact, for some, staying up to date is integral to their everyday operations. Others, however, may need a little nudge in the right direction to get up to speed. Regardless of which camp your business falls into, it’s always worth being aware of some … Continue reading

Key Benefits of Biophilic Design

Biophilic design integrates nature and natural elements into the architecture and interiors of our built environment. We need nature in a fundamental way, but over the past 250 years we have designed our cities and interior spaces to not only damage the environment, but alienate us from nature. In an increasingly urbanised world, with cities … Continue reading

Improving Mental Health in the Workplace with Creative Office Design

Mental health is something that we’re still getting to grips with as a society, so it’s unsurprising that office design which accommodates for mental health problems may take a little longer to follow suit. That said, with the war for talent on the rise, millennials choosing happiness over money, and creativity and energy being at … Continue reading

Creative Ways to Maximise the Potential of Your Meeting Spaces

  Meeting spaces, particularly in companies where creativity is the greatest currency, are where new products and services are conceived, course-altering decisions are made and a company’s culture is fashioned. That said, many companies still put little stock in there meeting spaces, opting for bland fit outs and colour schemes that lack the ability to … Continue reading

Have you Considered Standing Desks for your Office?

In this day and age, we all know that a sedentary lifestyle should be avoided at all costs. We are constantly encouraged to exercise for extended periods of time a day, be that before, after, or even on the way to work, but how is this possible when many professionals spend eight hours a day … Continue reading

5 Ways in Which Co-working Spaces Can Improve Productivity

With many businesses still switching to open-plan offices from the traditional cubicles, and also providing the opportunity to work from home, the question as to whether co-working spaces actually increase productivity is still very much alive. Although the answer may differ from office to office, we believe that, on the whole, co-working spaces do in … Continue reading

Do You Know the ROI of Your Office Space?

When considering the layout of your office space, it’s easy to get lost in the details. Having the right ornamentation is important, but always remember to keep this in mind: your office isn’t just a place to house your employees, it’s an investment. In fact, if done correctly, it could be one of the most … Continue reading

How to Create an Amazing Office Reception where Customers Feel Comfortable

First impressions are vital, so when someone walks into the reception area of your office – customer, client or otherwise – you want them to feel at ease. Not only is a reception the face of an office and organisation, it’s also an extension of that organisation’s personality. So, to help you create an area … Continue reading

How to Attract Millennials to your Business

Millennials are fast becoming the largest age group within the workforce. With this generational change comes different expectations of what a workplace should be and how it should be run. To ensure that your business and office culture are attractive to the millennial generation, it is important you understand them and make an effort to … Continue reading